Using the Digital Worksheet to complete course assignments:

In order to complete and submit your work for the course, you will need to save and rename a copy of the Digital Worksheet whose link is found at the bottom of each CMTE Course Homepage.  

Complete the following steps:

  • Make sure you are logged into the Google account that you want to use to complete your coursework.  This should be the same as the Gmail address that you submitted when you initially registered for the course. 

  • At the bottom of each CMTE Course Homepage, you will find a button that takes you to the Digital Worksheet for the course. Use the link to access the document in view-only mode.  (You will be able to tell you are in view only because all of the controls to edit the document will be grey and un-clickable.) 

  • "File">"Save" a copy of the worksheet document, then add your last name to the beginning of the document name by clicking on “File”>”Rename”

  • Share your copy of the document with the instructor by clicking on “File”>”Share” and adding as a user who can edit (you should see a pencil icon in a box next to the field where you enter the email address)

  • Bookmark your copy of the worksheet so that you can continue to revisit it as you move through the course.  When there is a worksheet assignment to complete after a set of readings or audio or video example, it will be noted at the end of the content. 

    • Need help bookmarking your worksheet? In some browsers, like Chrome and Safari, it's as simple as navigating to "Bookmarks">"Bookmark this Page...".  This article has directions to bookmark a page in a variety of browsers on both computers and mobile devices.

Submitting your assignment for course credit:

  • The instructor will not review your assignment for credit until you submit your assignment for course credit by doing the following:

    • When you have completed the course and all responses contained in the digital worksheet document, send an email to with the subject line, “Completed Assignment for [Name of CMTE Course]” and include your full name and a link to this document in the body of the email.