At heart I’m a musician who’s been fortunate to discover a field of study and occupation that stresses human connection, quality of care, and a search for well-being through experiences in music.

My background in music and psychology and a passion for enabling others informs my approach to supervision, education and clinical work. Respect, patience and enthusiasm for each individual has led to a satisfying and successful career in music therapy.

Currently, I practice music therapy part-time at an agency for differently-abled adults; maintain a small private practice; supervise music therapists, and offer self-paced online Continuing Education courses through MAKE THERAPY MUSICAL.

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As music therapists, we offer a unique and precious means of engagement—music—an art which we can continually develop to support the well-being and creative life of our clients. My intention is to offer opportunities for musical and clinical development through MAKE THERAPY MUSICAL-Creative Arts Therapy PLLC.