Principles of Clinical Composition II: Crafting Instrumental Experience for Music Therapy (8 CMTE/LCAT CE Credits)


Principles of Clinical Composition II: Crafting Instrumental Experience for Music Therapy (8 CMTE/LCAT CE Credits)


This 8 CMTE/LCAT CE credit self-paced online course provides therapists with the opportunity to apply ideas gained in the pre-requisite Course I in the preparation and crafting of an original composition for therapy. Your music can be submitted on manuscript paper--music software is not required. The course includes a 1:1 consultation on your composition with the instructor, via phone, Skype or FaceTime. 
(Please note: If you believe that you meet the pre-requisite requirement, please write the instructor at


Course Content

This course will guide you in the creation of an instrumental piece which is both clinically goal-directed and aesthetically motivating. Video introduction, readings, musical study, planning, and independent compositional work will culminate in a piece of music that you may offer in your music therapy sessions. There are 2 written assignments to enter on Digital Worksheet as well as the crafting of a Composition to submit for feedback. You can use music software or submit legible notation on manuscript paper to submit your work.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the clinical functions of 2 components of music. (II.A.5 a, c-f, h, n; IV.A.6)
  • Design therapy experiences with appropriate musical instruments and musical forms to address client goals. (I.D.10, 11)
  • Provide musical experiences to develop attention, impulse control and self-esteem (II.A.2.k, v, ap)
  • Create music therapy interventions which address a client’s aesthetic sensitivity and musical/creative responsiveness. (II.A.2.f,w, aa)

Course II Information

  • CMTE Credits: 8
  • LCAT CE Credits: 8
  • Course Instructor: Michele Schnur Ritholz, MA, LCAT, MT-BC
  • Time: 425 minutes
  • Date: Self-led course (over 3 months)
  • Location: Online/Self-Study
  • Prerequisites: Principles of Clinical Composition I: Creative Musical Strategies that Support Therapy Goals


The Instructor will evaluate your work using Pass/Fail as follows: “Pass” will require that the participant 1) completes written assignments and 2) demonstrates an understanding, through their composition, of how music can be crafted to incorporate therapy goals. If the participant has difficulty completing the assignment, AP may follow up to offer help and ensure completion.